joi, 10 august 2017

Shower at Eforie

We arrived at Eforie-Sud with the fast train from Timisoara. We had chosen that train to avoid the Northern Train Station from Bucharest.
The day promised to be warm, with a clear sky. After leaving our suitcases at the hotel, we went shopping for the final necessary items. We knew the city, but new kiosks, new booths, had sprouted. Right on the sidewalk, tables and chairs were waiting for tired and thirsty tourists.
A long thunder
Is heard from the sea –
no one is stirring

The second thunder is followed by a burst of raindrops that sprinkles the street on which the tourists descend from the beach. Children are covered with towels, people are running for shelter. We have stopped under a balcony from which, on a pipe, the surplus water was flowing. Soon, more individuals gathered around us. 
In the middle of the pond –
            rained on from above and drenched
we are full of joy 
The rain stopped as it started. The sun is heating the asphalt again. Finally, the water is flowing out, into the sewer. We are surrounded by steam.
The people who had been standing under the balcony are leaving. I'm trying to walk. I find out that the water has unglued a strap of my sandal. I had not bought slippers yet. I had forgotten. I have to thank the rain for reminding me! 
After the shower –
in the midday light
           wet flowers

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