sâmbătă, 5 mai 2012

New Year's Concert

We are watching on TV, like every year, New Year's concert which is broadcast from Vienna.

First day of the year
with cloudless sky –
music of Vienna

The orchestra plays in the Musikverein Golden Hall, built in the baroque style, splendidly illuminated and adorned with beautiful floral arrangements, brought from San Remo. We see images from the Vienna palaces or around the former capital of the Habsburg Empire. A group of dancers move in the halls or palaces steps accompanied by the orchestra.

Memories go through my mind. I see my father, listening to the 1967th concert on the old speaker. I see my mother murmuring Voices of spring, the waltz composed by Strauss.

In the Golden Hall
the unofficial anthem of Vienna:
Blue Danube

The conductor, Daniel Barenboim, turns to the orchestra. He picks up the baton ... and quits. Turns to the public and makes a sign to listen in silence.

First notes
in Radetzky March
implied looks

The spectators keep the clapping on the rhythm, harder or softer, as they are directed.

Last minutes of the concert. Memories come in march rhythm: dad beating with a pencil the rhythm in the table, on which he abandoned the crossword on which he was working, my sister marching around the living room table, our mother watching us dearly...

March ends
a burst of applause –
New Year concert

Traducere Patricia Lidia

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